During the 90s, the World Wide Web came into our lives, which meant an absolute change in the way we work and relate, both personally and professionally. A new world of opportunity opened before our eyes, the limit of which was what the human genius was capable of imagining. From that moment on, our lives changed completely, with things within our grasp that were recently exclusive to science fiction.

No one doubts that this authentic declaration of intentions and business philosophy established by Gottlieb Daimler, despite having more than a century of history, is perfectly applicable today, since there is no other way to….

Quienes estamos al frente de empresas o liderando equipos en la consecución de un objetivo, tenemos claras las fases del proyecto para alcanzarlo; definición de objetivos, plan de acción, ejecución y medición de los resultados obtenidos.

Following this quote from the famous and influential American investor and philanthropist, there is a great truth about the reality that we who make decisions face every day.

Vivimos en un momento donde el resultado prima sobre el proceso, el corto plazo es más relevante que el largo y la oportunidad es más importante que la lealtad