“There’s only something worse than training your employees and leaving. Do not train them to stay, ” Henry Ford.

Following this quote of the American industrialist Henry Ford is one of the biggest dilemmas that certain employers are facing today, and I say certain, because fortunately more and more are (I include myself among them) those who are convinced that better to achieve the objectives is to be surrounded by the best, the most and best trained, to the extreme of, as Steve Jobs said:

“It does not make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what they have to do. We hire smart people to tell us what we have to do. “

training of employees

The importance of company training

Only through the best, those who are most up-to-date and capable of adapting to the changes of the current professional environment, can we, working as a team and doing an adequate leadership, take our companies to an unstoppable position and growth, and if we fear that our collaborators leave, maybe we should look inside ourselves to find the reason.

A happy, motivated and recognized person does not feel tempted to change; generally good collaborators are going to change bosses, not to change jobs.

Training as a key factor

Bearing in mind that the formation of people is a key factor of success for companies, the reality is that it is common for lack of resources, or worse, for lack of strategic vision, in many organizations the training is not part of the fundamental budgets of the management, which is not only fatal for said company, but it is an important prejudice for the people who compose it.

This leads us to assess the possibilities of self-training. In the same way that managers must have the training of their teams as something inexcusable, people have to worry about being perfectly trained and updated to be able to choose among the best options that come our way.

Not too long ago the attendance to courses, lectures, etc., depended on a source of external funding that gave us the opportunity to take advantage of these opportunities, but today and thanks to the internet we have at our disposal how many materials, conferences, texts, etc., created by the best in any specialty that we are capable of imagining, with which we have no excuses for not being trained.

training as a key factor

Training is essential in the personal and professional career

In the same way that companies have to be convinced about training is essential, people must take care to always be at the forefront of their skills and abilities, and there are no excuses for not doing so.

Of course, we must bear in mind that being formed is vital for our personal and professional careers, and that it is not only the responsibility of our employers, but of each and every one of us.

Arturo Gálvez.

The business world is changing towards higher competitiveness. The executive in the current company must be updated and professionalized in order to optimize its efficiency and effectiveness in decision-making.

Wwithin a global environment in which everything happens at a great speed, and in which the margin of error has been dramatically reduced.

We are at a time when what is done has lost its supremacy in favor of how it is done, parameters have been incorporated into management such as Corporate Social Responsibility, circular economy, environmental impact or sustainability, and where the human team and its management has become an essential factor in achieving success.

Teamwork is a priority in the face of individual achievement, and creativity in the search for solutions against the theoretical models that until now have been accepted among those dedicated to making decisions, and companies need leaders instead of executives.

Deal with global changes

All these changes are global; the world has become small thanks to the advances in information and communication technologies, as well as the evolution in logistics, and Andalusia and its business network must concern on it.

In this new business environment, the training of the manager is essential, and while not too long ago the important thing was to have a wide specialization and experience in a specific area of ​​management, nowadays it is essential to be able to make decisions from a holistic vision of the company, valuing the global operations and taking into account how this decision influences all the interest groups that may be affected (the so-called stockholders).

competitiveness in business

Competitiveness and educational institutions

The educational institutions for executives and managers also need to be updated in order to give that training service that is demanded today and provide an extra to what until now they had been offering.

This “something else” is what partnerships like the one between Loyola Andalucía University and ESADE Business & Law School offer us through its Executive Education programs, in which CEOs and executives interact in a collaborative and multisectoral environment, where not only the development of individual skills is critical, but also the sharing and learning through team experiences and situations in which decisions must be made considering the company as a whole and not as a sum of parts, and valuing the global consequences of decisions.

The dynamics of learning

Therefore, living a training experience that serves as an impulse and helps you think “big” makes prospering an achievable possibility. The learning dynamic is carried out through master sessions with a cast of teachers extremely skilled in their areas that, in addition to great communicators and researchers, are business experts who apply what they explain by contributing all that know-how that traditional education does not reach, methodologies such as the ALP (Action Learning Projects), the LEAD program of Management Skills, the Management Simulator and a multitude of extracurricular activities that take the learning to one more step, facilitating the participant a space to stop and think, to enrich themselves with their peers.

They provide a journey and a diverse experience that forces you to collaborate and build, because they all have the same purpose: to create value in the environment in which they struggle every day and that this value is maintained over time and evolves.

The change we are experiencing has only just begun, and we have to be up-to-date, aware of the environment and be able to anticipate the future, which will only be possible through excellence in learning processes led by institutions of international reference that were born to train the professional profiles that are called to lead our economy.

Executive training programs to improve competitiveness

The Loyola University of Andalusia and Esade Business & Law School propose an extensive program in executive training for professional leaders (Corporate MBA) that will guarantee success and competitiveness in the face of the current and future challenges that will arise. We will only reach success through a transformative and aligned training with real needs that we will face.

Arturo Gálvez

time to changeLast November 22nd, I had the privilege of attending the Andalusia Management 2018, in the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Malaga, where I was able to attend together with 400 senior executives from the South of Spain a series of speeches under the slogan “GROW IN THE EXHIBITION “carried out by speakers of first national and international level. From the various presentations, I was able to draw two fundamental conclusions.


Firstly, Spain and the spaniards are a very valuable asset, since we are, together with South Korea, the countries with the highest GDP growth in the last 50 years.


Gross domestic product Spain Gross Domestic Producto SK

Secondly, and this is where we have a great difference against us with many other countries, it is essential that the governments of the countries and their institutions give firm support to the companies so that they invest in innovation and, in this way, growth occurs in strategic sectors that allow a sustainable benefit for society.

“it is essential that the governments of the countries and their institutions give firm support to the companies so that they invest in innovation”

This is the reason why certain countries or areas such as Silicon Valley or the already named South Korea concentrate a large amount of industry and business at the forefront of innovation and the creation of the future that will come.

It is in this second point where I want to do all the necessary emphasis, because it is truly sad that in the current circumstances, where the whole environment is changing at a speed that we have never seen before, and that anticipation is a key factor in strategic industrial positioning. We remain anchored in the past and making populist proposals that only lead to a more determined mood, instead of thinking about what future we want to have in order to make the right decisions in the present.

“the whole environment is changing at a speed that we have never seen before, and that anticipation is a key factor in strategic industrial positioning”

Spain must leave behind the complexes and look forward, because it will be the only way that our country, qualified as one of the best to live, is also one of the best to “be able to make a living” in professional activities that go beyond of the services sector.

You just have to navigate a bit through the internet to realize that there is a multitude of compatriots who are in positions of responsibility worldwide, in companies and sectors of reference, but unfortunately a few of them stay within our territory.

We all have to assume our responsibility, not only in the election of those who govern us, but in the demand of what we want and in how we want it to be managed, for which, the first ones that we have to change our way of thinking are our own spaniards, convey our concerns and clearly demand where we want to be positioned as a country and as a society, close once and for all the wounds of the historical past, because unfortunately the past is immovable, consider that we are where we are thanks to that past, that if we put everything on a scale weighs much more what has been won than what has been lost, that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and that we have a lot of potential.

It is time to change

Only at the moment when each of us in the first person are able to modify our way of thinking and lead our energies forward will it be time, with the necessary moral honesty, to demand that our leaders focused the decision-making towards the goal of common good for the whole country, what the population really needs to face the future with happiness and optimism and that position us where we deserve to be.

And if they are not competent to do so, let those willing to compromise with future generations, who will be the ones who judge, and above all suffer, the consequences of good or bad management.

Arturo Gálvez.