These days we are witnessing globally and especially in Spain (3rd country in the world in number of infections by COVID-19 and 2nd in Europe) to the consequences that the appearance of a virus can have and how it affects our lives and personal relationships. Globalization makes situations that not too long ago were local affect us universally today. The world has become small and that has advantages and disadvantages.

However, there is something that I personally think we are not aware of, and that is that, in addition to being natural persons, we are professionally part of the so-called legal entities, on which viruses also act, with the added handicap that they are designed to do as much damage as possible, and the consequences of which can be truly catastrophic since, as human beings, our body is able to overcome and generate self-defense, protecting us from future diseases, but if a computer virus manages to attack our database, it is possible that recovery is impossible or leaves unrecoverable consequences.

We can think that this is a risk that only affects large corporations, which is a big mistake; On the one hand, large companies are aware of these dangers and their consequences and, therefore, have departments, measures and protocols for protection and action in this regard. On the other hand, we only must check the news to realize that medium and small companies and independent professionals are among the target victims of these attacks.

It is in our hands to act seriously and with a strategic approach to prevent these more than probable situations, but in the same way that when faced with a health problem we go to the doctor, before the vital care of the databases of our companies we should not improvise, or skimp. We must be serious about the measures to be taken and put ourselves in the hands of the appropriate professionals in order to create a management structure and protection of our databases absolutely tailored to us, which will have a triple benefit:

1.- It will reduce the risks and minimize its consequences

2.- It will help us to reduce the management costs of our data centers

3.- In case of current circumstances, it will make it possible to work remotely in the same way as if we were in our offices, without causing any setback for our work teams.

Working with companies of different sizes and sectors makes me realize that, within the differences that exist between all of them, there are 2 things that they have in common (with few exceptions); a clear focus on the net result (with which it is usual to try to reduce costs in fundamental aspects, which is dangerous) and little specialization in everything related to the care and management of databases, not because of disinterest, but because companies themselves grow and systems change at such a speed that, without going hand in hand with true specialists, it is truly difficult to be perfectly structured at all times; however, we have within our reach companies and professionals to accompany us in this necessary transit.

In everything related to our health we must act with responsibility and determination, which includes our professional health. It is a matter of paramount importance that should not be subject to improvisation and should be placed in the hands of the most qualified professionals