Hello. I just want to share a job offer scam I received two weeks ago, to prevent others about this practice, which, as I have checked, has been done to some other people. I am not going to write down the name of the persons that contacted with me because they have done it under the name of real people who works in the real company that they tried to convince me they were working for.

Two weeks ago, I received a contact request, and after accepting, her (she was a woman, vice chairman of an important petrol company settled in Kuwait) told me that my profile fitted perfectly with the person they were looking for (somebody to be responsible and competent in logistics and supply chain). Firstly, I was a bit exceptic because this is not very usual that a person in this level of staff in an important company try to contact for a new employee, but, who knows??

They, because there were two woman, the vice chairman and the corporate communication manager, started to gave me different information about the job, earnings, responsibilities, etc. but really slowly, asking for my CV and personal data, and sending me documents from the real company (cutted and pasted) with the real logo, text in Arabic, and all that could disguise their communication of reality, and I was answering because there was nothing that committed me a lot.

After I “got over” all their contract department conditions and checks, they sent me all the economic conditions, and there were incredibly good, so I started to think about it was a scam, but decided to continue while I didn’t have to pay any money.

The job consisted on negotiate with a chemist company about the supply of a product called EulakiDrill, an additive to help in their drilling activities, and they gave me the name of a company that their experts had approved as a trusted supplier, and also its webpage (to make me avoid searching for the company and the product). I can write down the name of the company because it doesn’t exist; Gradon Chemical, www.gradonchemical.com

When I tried to find the product it was impossible, and it was the same with the company. Google didn’t know about it, but the webpage really existed (not the company). After having done the contact and reported to the fakes ones, they told me that everything was ok but they need a 20 liters sample of the product, and here you are the trick; I had to pay and they will pay back to me as soon as they had the product in their facilities (with the address of the real company in Kuwait).

Obviously, it has been the end of my “profitable” business with them and, fortunately, my money is still in my pocket.

I want to share this just to warn about this, to spoil the business of this kind of people, and I would really appreciate it if all of you can share to give as much diffusion as possible.

Thanks a lot.