Seniors for success

experience always brings value!


Ronald C SternHonorary Chairman of Stern International of Switzerland®️

We live in a moment where the result prevails over the process, the short term is more relevant than the long and the opportunity is more important than loyalty. All this makes the sustainability of projects very difficult over time because we are very impatient when it comes to achieving our objectives, and we often confuse effectiveness (reach the result) with efficiency (reach the result at the lowest possible cost of resources) and maximization (development to the maximum of one thing) with optimization (get some of the best possible results).

Attending to the brief definitions of these 4 words, it seems easy to conclude that it is much better to “optimize efficiently” than “maximize effectively”, but the passage from theory to practice is not easy, for two fundamental reasons: the DNA of the companies and the people who compose those companies. Corporate DNA is the responsibility of its boards of directors, and its theory and practices must be consistent. On the other hand, the people who make up the organization must be perfectly aligned with respect to that DNA in the form of mission, vision and values ​​that the company has as a flag, and for that they must be well led and motivated. DIVERSITY is more important today than ever, and that is only managed with CULTURE (cognitive), while time ago a company was seen as a uniformed army that was managed by the STRUCTURE (hierarchy).

There is a segment of people who currently face many professional difficulties, and are those with an approximate age of 45 years and up;  those defined as senior profiles.  After meeting many companies and people, people with this age are fundamental to the achievement of “efficient optimization”, since they have much to offer:

  • Experience

    For their own professional career, which can make them be great trainers of younger people.

  • Loyalty

    Because they value having a job and defend it as if they were the owners of the company.

  • Commitment and Responsibility

    Because they are not motivated to change since chronologically their professional career is reaching its highest point.

As my good friend Ronald Stern repeatedly states in his posts, humans are not resources but people, and they will be the ones who transmit the soul of our companies to our clients, who are the ones who pay our salary.  I add that incorporating seniors into our professional projects will make those projects more sustainable and successful!