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The differentiation from the inner of ourselves.

“At the end, either you’re different … or you’re cheap”. This quote of the expert in computer science, marketing and writer Guy Kawasaki contains one of the most important keys to achieve success, not only in business, but also in our personal lives. In the business world, either you are different (and you are recognized […]

Genchi genbutsu: you must know the problem to be able to solve it

This Japanese expression implanted in Toyota, recognized as the best managed company in the world, hides the necessary procedure to have the necessary information and be able to make decisions effectively; however, and given the apparent simplicity of its meaning, is something that it is very difficult to apply, even more the bigger the size of the organization on which it is necessary to decide.


Hello. I just want to share a job offer scam I received two weeks ago, to prevent others about this practice, which, as I have checked, has been done to some other people. I am not going to write down the name of the persons that contacted with me because they have done it under […]