“If you want a year of prosperity, grow rice. If you want 10 years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want 100 years of prosperity, cultivate people. “


Chinese proverb

Collaborative social networking

Give to receive on social networks

For a while now, social networks have arrived into our lives and have positioned themselves as something extremely usual in our daily routine. In the same way that we get up at a certain time and follow a cadence of actions that allows us to effectively fulfill all our real obligations (understanding the term as belonging to our real life), we also do it with our virtual obligations. We have a multitude of networks at our disposal that allow us to be in contact with the world and with the people we choose, and each of these platforms has been created so that we can interact with our contacts according to the way and manner in which they have been designed, and this implies the responsibility in the use that we make of them, even more when what we write is permanent for a last, and we will be responsible for the consequences that derive from it.



Make the right use of social networks is not only an obligation, but also must be a responsibility, and not only to avoid negative consequences in the future, but because we can create a real wave of help and collaboration that, without any doubt, will bring us earnings. Technology makes available to us wonderful tools from which we can get performance, and one of those benefits has to come through putting value on who we are, what we do and the contacts we have in order to link needs and solutions and collaborate to the improvement of the components of our community. For me, personally, this is the true value of social networks, but I want to insist that ALWAYS be with the aim of helping and collaborating, and not to expand a network of contacts without more sense than size.


Reading about collaborative social networking


A few weeks ago fell into my hands the publication of my good friend Cipri Quintas, entitled “the book of networking” (absolutely recommended reading, and I would say essential) which caught me from the first page, and in which the author narrates how he has made collaboration with others his way of life, of which I can assure since I have experienced it on my own. Maybe Cipri takes the question to a level where special skills and attitudes are necessary (he is a special person), but each one of us can do it in our virtual area. As I point out in the Chinese proverb that precedes these words, let’s cultivate people (personal relationships) and we will obtain a much higher return than expected. People are the greatest asset that humanity has, and it is our responsibility to take care of ourselves.


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