Generosity as a key success factor

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to watch a video TEDx by Professor Franc Carreras, entitled “The Secret to Online Influence “, in which he gives a great example of how generosity has a clear impact on our results and the cadence of results after us. This story is called the tale of the two seas, the Galilee and the Dead Sea, which, despite being fed by the same source, the Jordan River, behave very differently, since the first receives water ut also, he pours it, while the second only receives it. The result is that while the Sea of ​​Galilee is a garden of life and vegetation, the Dead Sea is simply a dark body of water and nothing else.


The sea of galilea; Key Success factor

In our life journey we have to collect everything that is given to us through experiences, contents, contacts, etc., that allow us to grow, be better persons and develop ourselves not only as people but also as professionals, but in the same way we have to offer our own experiences, learnings, etc. that allow those who come behind us to learn and improve, and so on.

If we are able to contribute to maintain a balanced stream between what we need, seek and receive along with what we offer, we will collaborate in an important way so that this flow of creation of better people (which is what ultimately matters, since there cannot be good leaders who are not), like the Sea of ​​Galilee, we will remain immersed and we will be a fundamental actor in a garden of personal and professional enrichment. If on the contrary we decide to agglutinate everything that arrives to us and we do not offer anything to those who come from behind, the result will be that of the Dead Sea.

These two personal profiles are very close to each other, in the same way that both seas are geographically quite close. In our hand is to decide, being clear that we are willing to receive and take advantage of what comes to us, if we want to keep it for ourselves or prefer to offer to those who follow us and be a reference for their present development and future contributions.