The species that survive are not the strongest, nor the fastest, nor the most intelligent, but those that adapt better to change.” After this phrase expressed by the English naturalist Charles Darwin in 1859 in his work “The origin of species” there is a reality perfectly applicable to the current business situation.

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The evolution of the professional environment

We are immersed in the 4th. Industrial Revolution, and globalization and the constant advances in information and communication technologies, to which we must add the convergence between digital, physical and biological technologies, are causing the professional environment in what we are right now does not look like anything that was only 5 or 10 years ago, and even more dizzying is that it is not going to look anything like what we will find in a few time.

Adapt to new challenges

Business organizations face an exciting challenge; adapt themselves as quickly as possible to the changes that occur, since it is the only way to differentiate and stay in this new battle field where what is valid today, tomorrow may not be, and the speed of adaptation will be the key in the equation that will allow companies to continue making profits and stay alive in the medium and long term.

Adaptability to change

Reality has changed, and we can choose to accept it and adapt, or live with our backs to it and assume that, sooner rather than later, we will be out of the game. It is time to make a deep reflection about our structures, consider whether we are optimizing our resources correctly and if we have a cost scheme that allows us the adaptability that is required, and we must do it quickly in order not to lose distance with our competitors . Only with a clear determination and taking the propper decisions that allow us to be flexible, under my humble and personal point of view, we will be able to face the future with security and confidence.

Arturo Gálvez.

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