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Spontaneous behavior; the true “something else” of properly motivated people.

Current relationships, especially in professional relationships, what we say, transmit and the results we obtain are preceded by our behavior, which has two components; normative and spontaneous. Normative behavior The normative behavior is that which is clear, that we all know that we “must” do and that basically confers the minimums that we are expected […]

Training? There are no excuses to say no

“There’s only something worse than training your employees and leaving. Do not train them to stay, ” Henry Ford. Following this quote of the American industrialist Henry Ford is one of the biggest dilemmas that certain employers are facing today, and I say certain, because fortunately more and more are (I include myself among them) […]

Competitiveness and excellence of the managerial profile in changing environments

The business world is changing towards higher competitiveness. The executive in the current company must be updated and professionalized in order to optimize its efficiency and effectiveness in decision-making. Wwithin a global environment in which everything happens at a great speed, and in which the margin of error has been dramatically reduced. We are at […]

It is time to change

Last November 22nd, I had the privilege of attending the Andalusia Management 2018, in the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Malaga, where I was able to attend together with 400 senior executives from the South of Spain a series of speeches under the slogan “GROW IN THE EXHIBITION “carried out by speakers of first […]

Happiness as a key to achieving results

“Choose a job that you like, and you will not have to work a day of your life.” This quote of the Chinese philosopher Confucius is key in the search for happiness. Necessarily and inevitably in life we ​​have to work, and nothing better than being able to choose that job that we like, that […]

Leave the comfort zone

“If you do not work for your dreams, someone will hire you to fight for theirs” (Steve Jobs) The current circumstances, after the deep economic crisis that we are still going through in Spain, have had two fundamental consequences; In the first place, it has made us put our feet on the ground and become […]


For some time now, a parameter has been added to our management that has not been given too much attention, which has been called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as a vital element in the definition of the mission, vision, values ​​and objectives of the companies, and as an essential issue related with the management of […]

EXTERNALIZATION; a means, not a goal.

The externalization, or outsourcing of workers or departments in our organizations is a means and an important tool to increase flexibility and adaptation of our organizational structure to certain changes in order to experiment the effectiveness that a decision may have, really and objectively testing the result obtained. However, abusing this system can make us […]

ADAPTABILITY, or how to survive in the current changing environment.

“The species that survive are not the strongest, nor the fastest, nor the most intelligent, but those that adapt better to change.” After this phrase expressed by the English naturalist Charles Darwin in 1859 in his work “The origin of species” there is a reality perfectly applicable to the current business situation. The evolution of […]