Resilience; An issue of attitude, and it depends only on you.

There are no excuses

Resilience is a noun widely used today, applicable to certain people who overcome difficult or traumatic situations.  However, like any term that due to specific circumstances or the environment, such as the deep global economic crisis we have suffered, begin to be used frequently, it runs the risk of becoming a fashionable word that distorts its true meaning, and, even worse, lose value for the people or groups to whom it is truly applicable.

To avoid this problem, we must begin by defining the term: Resilience is the ability of a person or a group to recover from adversity to continue projecting the future.  The true key of the concept is at the end of the definition;  to continue projecting the future.  These five words enclose the real meaning of the concept.  It is not a question of stumbling again and again with the same stone in a senseless stubbornness for not accepting the failure, but in having the attitude of overcoming the obstacle with the clear objective of reaching the proposed goal, that is, in the search for  future that we have stablished, and that nothing will be able to make us desist.

Personally I try to learn and overcome obstacles every day, and this has led me to know two types of people, those who teach me what I want to be and those who teach me what I do not want to be (I consider both very important).  Within the first group (the second one y try to forget for not occupying bytes of my finite brain capacity) there is a person who crossed my life by chance and who came to stay.  I refer to the great professional and best person Pilar Carrasco, CEO of Business In Fit, whom I met personally in one of his Congresses of Effective Communication (absolutely recommended) and who said something that stuck with me: “try is to ask permission to fail “.  This quote had a very clear meaning to me from that moment; people have an immense capacity to justify ourselves in our mistakes.  When we do not have a clear goal or we lack courage to continue fighting, with an “I have tried” we give the question as finished.

Resilience is an issue of attitude, it only depends on ourselves and excuses are not valid. If we have a clear goal, a well-defined objective and a correct determination, we will only need to replace “I will try” by a clear and convincing #lets go!! If we want, nothing can stop us, but there are no excuses!!