To lead the necessary actions to develop the desired projects by companies and professionals, through the figure of a Strategic External Advisor, who boosts the key decisions to reach the objectives in terms of management, positioning and scope of each company, in a consensual and collaborative way.

About me

My name is Arturo J. Galvez and I have dedicated my professional life to the management, organization and planning of companies in all their functional areas, always in leadership and senior management positions. One of my challenges was to lead the transition of my own family business, rooted in a national network, into an international business conglomerate. I have always been clear that sustained success is achieved through executive decisions in the medium and long term with a clear focus on the quality of the product and the service, always through excellence and motivation of the human factor of the company.

Alongside my professional development I obtained an open-mindedness that only highly qualified training and contact with companies and managers from different sectors and countries can provide; I successfully obtained a senior management degree through the IESE Business School and continued receiving training during my professional career through in-company, ad hoc and tailor-made programs, taught by top-tier international companies, such as the German consultancy firm Otto Walter, or Price Waterhouse Coopers, among others.

Simultaneously, my obligations and professional interests led me to travel around the world, to places as diverse in economy and culture as Turkey, the United States, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong, giving me the opportunity to share concerns with senior managers, independent executives and leaders from a range of backgrounds and fields.

Over the years, after having experienced first-hand the needs of customers, I realized that the management of strategic processes of companies is very often entrusted to supplying services companies. These processes are essential for the correct fulfillment of the commitments acquired with customers; however, they are often not treated internally with the depth they require, trusting that it will be the providers, to the extent of their possibilities, who will provide an integral solution to the needs that arise.

Along similar lines, the service providers themselves often maintain solutions simply because they “work”, without taking enough time to assess in what way those operations could be developed more efficiently and effectively.

In both cases, I am convinced that they occur due to two key factors; first because the day to day hustle and bustle demands an almost instantaneous adaptation and does not allow us to invest time reflecting on the optimization of the processes in our companies. Secondly, but not less important, being part of the process makes it difficult to take a step back and gain greater perspective that could enable us to make strategic decisions which generate result in the medium and long term.

My objective is to accompany firms and professionals as an External Strategic Advisor, with the purpose of promoting the necessary solutions and optimizing any functional area within ​​the company. In a consensual and collaborative manner, we will design the action plan that each case requires, in a respectful, ethical and professional manner, and always considering all the productive factors involved.

Arturo was my partner in Seur Group during a long stage. In the last years (2005-2009) I occupied the Presidency of the Group.
Throughout these years Arturo demonstrated to be a great professional with managerial and team management skills, and competence to lead projects of excellence and continuous improvement.
In addition to his professional competence he showed me that values such as loyalty, seriousness and human quality, without forgetting a clear vocation for service, stablished his attitude to successfully manage his company.
I consider that Arturo is qualified enough to undertake projects of any managerial type for being too prepared and for his high human quality.

Manuel VallePresident of Valora Grouphttps://es.linkedin.com/in/manuelvallelopera

I have had the opportunity to deal with Arturo in stock issues and to verify that he is a methodical, constant, judicious and incredibly disciplined person. I wish you all the best in this new stage!

Josef AjramStock trader, writer and extreme triathletehttps://es.linkedin.com/in/josef-ajram-1314ab6

Arturo has, in addition to his strategic vision, an enormous aptitude to create work teams committed and focused to the achieving of goals. He is a sure value for any managerial project

Julián RecuencoCEO IDUN Investment Companyhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/julian-recuenco/

It is with much enthusiasm that I endorsed Arturo Galvez´s new project on Strategic and Advice solutions for Corporations. I have had the pleasure to know and work with him for the past 18 years. Arturo is a well-rounded, highly intelligent talented professional with excellent communications skills.

On a personal level, Arturo has a very special spark, and I trust he will go far in making our world a better place.

Josefina BengoecheaProfessor of Finance and Management at EU Business School. Columbia University in the City of New York. Geneva Area, Switzerland

As CEO of businessinfit and Director of the Congresses of Effective Communication, I had the opportunity to share professional days with Arturo and his entrepreneurship, vision and excellence stand out in all its facets.

Pilar CarrascoCEO of Businessinfit and Director of the Congresses of Effective Communication

I would stand out of Arturo his communicative and strategic skills as well as his leadership skills and teamwork, where he is concerned about getting the best out of his collaborators in a proactive and efficient manner, with a clear orientation towards the achievement of objectives.

Ton Guardiet MasCEO 2 digits Growth and Corporate MBA program director, ESADE Business & Law School

Considering the duration of our business relationship, I can let you know a person with more perseverance, knowledge of business strategy and skills in the work of business management. Arturo demonstrates every day the great ability to manage projects and achieve the short, medium and long-term objectives. Really a pleasure to work together. A great professional and one of the people who need to feed the enthusiasm for business projects.

Julián Sastre GómezExecutive Managing & Business Strategig at Romascreen


To be a strategic advisor that contributes value to companies and professionals who wish to promote a new project, improve the positioning of their products or brand and gain local, national or international visibility. Through a consensual and collaborative leadership with the management, put at your disposal my skills and aptitudes to design the necessary solutions that, efficiently and effectively, lead to the achievement of their objectives, both within and outside of Spain.


Multidisciplinary management experience and responsibility, which will translate into an accompanying work, promoting the necessary solutions through human teams, to achieve the proposed objectives with a combination of efficiency and effectiveness, and providing value to the processes of the company, always keeping in mind how our stakeholders perceive us and taking care of corporate social responsibility.


My personal and professional goal is to make available to the client all the skills I have developed (knowledge, skills, aptitudes and attitudes) so that, jointly and collaboratively, we can add value to their processes, leading the changes and driving essential projects forward, not only in the field of logistics, but also in any other functional area of ​​the company that can be improved.